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Rebuilding Traditional Buildings Ancient Arts Ltd  Registered in England & Wales No 6355972 Registered Office: 2 Warren Road, Deganwy.  Conwy LL31 9 SU Ancient Arts +44(0)1492 650612

A ‘Bronze Age smelting hut’ designed by Ancient Arts for the Great Orme Copper Mines as a demonstration venue.

In the last 20 years Ancient Arts have developed a number of major projects to expand public engagement  and authentic reconstructed structures for a number of heritage sites.  These have aimed to:

Design and build:

We will undertake a feasibility study and design the layout of your ancient settlement and reconstruct the individual buildings using traditional methods; whether you require a faithful reconstruction of an ancient building or a usable community space with a strong archaeological basis.

Ancient Arts designed Iron Age Roundhouses at Llynnon, Anglesey

Project Management:

Working with a team of highly skilled specialist contractors, we can offer several options in the project management of your buildings in order to suit your budget.

Ancient Arts designed Anglo-Saxon Stage and amphitheatre at Bede’s World, Jarrow.

Building the Iron Age Roundhouses at Llynnon, Anglesey.

“Dressing”: We can also authentically dress the interiors of the buildings, using examples of furniture and objects taken from the archaeological record.

infopack 2021.pdf