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For a printable Ancient Arts information pack click on the picture ! infopack2013web.pdf Click here for Sue’s recent publications. Ancient Arts Ltd  Registered in England & Wales No 6355972 Registered Office: 2 Warren Road, Deganwy.  Conwy LL31 9 SU Ancient Arts +44(0)1492 650612

Ancient Arts was founded in 1995 by archaeologist David Chapman.


David (BA Hons & Diploma in bronze casting from The Royal College of Art) has been active in experimental archaeology for many years, helping to explore the Bronze Age copper mines on the Great Orme, Llandudno and Parys Mountain, Anglesey and reconstruct Bronze Age copper smelting and casting techniques working with among others The British Museum, The Bradshaw Foundation and National Geographic Society.  He is visiting lecturer in experimental archaeology at a number of  British Universities.  

As a professional archaeologist for over 20 years Sue Chapman (BA Hons, MA & AIFA) is experienced in excavation, identifying and recording archaeological sites, report writing, undertaking feasibility studies and specialist archaeological research.  She is now researching site formation processes and the interpretation of archaeological remains.  She  is Ancient Arts’ voice of reason (or so she claims!).

Cathy Hart is our indispensable IT officer and packager.  She can wrap & post any size or shape of artefact from large standing stone to mud bricks.

In particular the late Bob Sanderson, engineer and font of all knowledge & enthusiastic Guiness drinker!

Philip Thwaite, a fellow adventurer who has kept many an Ancient Arts event running smoothly!

Over the years we have enjoyed the help and inspiration of many friends and colleagues.

Many thanks!

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