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Life in the Iron Age Building Llynnon Celtic Roundhouses A proposed criteria for the identification of ore-washing sites associated with early copper mining in Wales Ancient Arts Ltd  Registered in England & Wales No 6355972 Registered Office: 2 Warren Road, Deganwy.  Conwy LL31 9 SU Ancient Arts +44(0)1492 650612

As part of our journey to bring the past to life, Ancient Arts is involved in a number of experimental projects.  We take archaeological evidence from excavations and artefacts and attempt to replicate & understand the processes that made them.

Click here to learn more about our work rebuilding the only known Bronze Age copper smelting furnaces in the UK (High resolution version).

(Low resolution version here)

Ancient Arts discovers the earliest known metal working site found in the UK!

A fragment of Bronze Age copper found by Ancient Arts on the Great Orme.

We have worked with a number of universities, museums & TV production companies to produce exciting & informative experiments.

Re-making and using the Iron Age hoard from Llyn Cerrig Bach, Anglesey

Some of Ancient Arts experimental Projects (Please click on for further details):

Ancient Arts’ experimental carving at Gobekli Tepe.

Click here to see more on our Gobekli Tepe work.

Excavations at Upper Kendrick’s Cave, Llandudno

By TA Stone 1977-1978

infopack 2021.pdf Biochar - Pre-Columbian American technology to future sustainability Deciphering the ‘Metallic Arts’ of the Bronze Age Part 1 Deciphering the ‘Metallic Arts’ of the Bronze Age Part 2 Surviving the Bronze Age in West Wales - Prehistoric ale! Pentrwyn webreport.pdf Pentrwyn Bronze Age Smelting Site First report

Reconstructing and using the Pentrwyn pit furnaces