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Ancient Arts has over 20 years of experience working with the media.  

Shooting an ancient technology film for the Mellor Archaeological Trust.

Discussing early metallurgy on camera with Francis Pryor of the Time Team.

We have provided on screen demonstrations of ancient technologies and artefact reconstructions for a number of TV and radio programmes.  These have included copper smelting using Prehistoric technologies and demonstrations of early Prehistoric spears.

Casting a bronze handle with Tony Robinson of the Time Team.

Filming the making and using of a reconstructed  bronze spearhead for BBC’s Meet the Ancestors.

An Ancient Arts stone carving experiment filmed for National Geographic Channel.

In addition to our ‘on screen’ presence we have also supplied ‘off screen’ archaeological advice and guidance on:

Advice and Guidance

Explaining the structural components of Late Iron Age roundhouses at Llynnon to the Time Team for computer modelling.

CGI and Graphic Design

We have also provided advice on the structural design of Prehistoric buildings and replica artefacts for use in CGI visualisations and computer modelling for heritage organisations and film/TV production companies.

Filming at the Ancient Arts  studio.

In recent years we have also developed our own film unit, which produces short films to demonstrate our archaeological reconstructions, record our experimental work and bring ancient technologies and skills to a wide audience.

Ancient Arts short educational  films

We have also made replicas of artefacts using original techniques on the sites on which they were found; such as this tankard made on screen for the Time Team.