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For a printable Ancient Arts information pack click on the picture ! Ancient Arts Ltd  Registered in England & Wales No 6355972 Registered Office: 2 Warren Road, Deganwy.  Conwy LL31 9 SU Ancient Arts +44(0)1492 650612

For over 20 years Ancient Arts has been making hand crafted, museum standard replicas of artefacts from museum collections for handling & display purposes.  We believe that by making replicas and reconstructed objects from the past people can touch, smell and experience the past in a real and very tangible way.  They can be used to illustrate how artefacts looked originally and how they would have been used.

They bring the past to life!

"Ancient Arts are one of the most professional and flexible suppliers we have ever worked with. Their incredible skill and craftsmanship is matched only by their friendly and accommodating demeanour and their commitment to their work. An absolute joy to have discovered them!"

David Eliot Cooper, Histrionics

Prehistoric pots.

A bronze artefacts collection.

Our museum standard replicas are ideal for display or handling.  In 2012 we reconstructed bronze, iron, leather and wooden objects from the Llyn Cerrig Bach Hoard for Oriel Ynys Mon for permanent display and to be used for educational purposes.  Click here to see our report on the making and using of the hoard objects.

The reconstructed Llyn Cerrig Bach gang or slave chain.

A hafted flint adze.

An iron knife & bronze dagger.

Reconstructed Iron Age spears.

Original techniques and ethically sourced materials are used throughout.

Reconstructing the Upper Palaeolithic Kendrick’s Cave decorated horse jaw bone & the finished reconstruction on display.

Studying original artefacts at the British Museum prior to making a reconstruction.

Flint blade knives.

Our reconstructed objects can be mounted onto display panels like this collection of Medieval carpenter’s tools displayed on an oak plank.

The reconstructed bronze horse bit from the Llyn Cerrig Bach hoard.

Ancient Arts reminds customers that these artefacts & collections should only be used in conjunction with the appropriate health & safety precautions at all times & Ancient Arts in no way accepts responsibility for their use or misuse.

The reconstructed iron sickle from the Llyn Cerrig Bach hoard with wooden handle.

Bone needles, hooks & harpoons.

A hafted bronze axe..

A flint blade with wooden handle.

Palaeolithic incised bone and animal teeth.

Decorated bull tongs from the Llyn Cerrig Bach Hoard

infopack 2021.pdf