Ancient Arts Staff Training for Museums & Heritage sites
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Teaching wattle and daubing.

Making flint knives.
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An Ancient Arts roundhouse under construction.

Ancient Arts Ltd  Registered in England & Wales No 6355972 Registered Office: 2 Warren Road, Deganwy.  Conwy LL31 9 SU Ancient Arts +44(0)1492 650612

If you work in the heritage sector and would like to learn more about how the past worked, come join us on our exciting journey to reconnect with our past and discover our true potential!

 If you are interested in our Staff Training or would like to chat about potential options please contact David or Sue on 01492 650612 or email us

As with our public courses our ethos is on presenting the fascinating skills and technologies of the past in a fun and interesting way, with the emphasis on engaging people in a tangible way using ‘hands on’ experiences. We want people to be able to use all their senses in exploring the past.

We always try to be flexible in our training so that we can tailor the activities, technologies and periods covered to the particular group. So if you were interested in say Prehistoric Food we would put together a number of activities that would reflect these such as:

Staff Development Training for Educators

Our training covers many skills and technologies from Prehistory from making natural types of cordage through to bronze casting and spear throwing!  They all include:

Making and using a Prehistoric lamp.

An ale making trough. Cheers! Adding elderberries - a natural yeast for brewing Prehistoric beer..

We also run Half Day, 1 Day and 2 Day Open Courses for the public. Details will follow soon!

A bronze head fresh from the mould on a bronze casting course!

Hunting with darts!

We will show you not only:

With this knowledge and understanding of resources and the methods of making practical tools/objects from them you will be able to develop your own ‘hands on’ real experiences of the past for your visitors; allowing them to feel, smell and understand artefacts outside of a display cabinet or VR display.  

We have designed our training to specifically identify and use FREE natural resources.

Everything you will need to bring the past to life for your visitors will be stored in your head!

Ancient Arts Studio & Research Centre

The training can be held at your heritage venue or your team can join us at our beautiful Late Georgian church, located on the edge of the stunning Snowdonia National Park.

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