Ancient Arts Public Events
Heating a clay bread oven. Boiling water using hot stones in a leather bag. A spinning & textile display. A Prehistoric food & cooking display.
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Ancient Arts can provide you with highly innovative and creative  solutions to enhance the public’s experience of the historic environment.  

Displays & Demonstrations

Our Displays and Demonstrations of ancient technologies and reconstructed objects are designed to give people a real and vibrant sense of our past, bringing it to life!

Our displays of ancient objects are designed to be handled and we encourage visitors to do this; to feel the weight of the object; to smell it and to ‘have a go’ at using it (where appropriate!).  Tools and materials are provided to let people of all ages to ‘have a go’.  For example visitors can make their own stone necklace using a bow drill and string made from a natural cordage such as nettle.

Our friendly and enthusiastic team will show visitors around our displays, encouraging them to handle and explore the objects and happily answer all questions.

Demonstrating stone knapping at a Forest Schools event.

Drilling stone beads with a flint pointed hand drill.

3D Sensory Interpretation Panels

3D replicas of artefacts cast in BRONZE!

Click here for more information on these beautiful new 3D interpretation panels.

Organic 3D artefacts and environmental evidence can be accurately depicted.


By demonstrating ancient skills and technologies, such as stone knapping or cooking with hot stones, we can show visitors how clever our ancestors were and how these skills are still relevant in our modern world.

These activities, demonstrations and collections can be designed to suit the needs of the individual clients.

They can be designed for a particular theme, technology or period.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the many options and possibilities!

01492 650612